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Macmillan Library is one of the division of The Macmillan Publishers, Macmillan library is a web portal to bring stories and other marketing activities of macmillan publishers, Which includes publishers like St. Martin’s Press, Henry Holt, Tor/Forge, Minotaur, Picador, Farrar,Straus & Giroux



Macmillan Library legacy website was built in Drupal 6 and it was difficult for staff members to update the content from Drupal’s admin panel. They were constantly looking for updating non-conflicting plugins for web optimisation, social sharing, etc. They were dependent on IT staff to perform these tasks on ongoing basis which was pretty time consuming. They also wanted to lower the IT support cost for maintaining the portal.


Our Solution


  • Ebizon proposed Macmillan Library to Migrate their Drupal website into WordPress because it is a popular platform for blogging related features and easy to manage CMS. Ebizon developed a similar WordPress theme of their existing Drupal website so visitors couldn’t distract to use the new website. Then we migrate all site data from Drupal site to New WordPress site before launch.
  • Redirect Strategy was put in plce to make sure search engine friendly URLs were kept intact (301 redirect, update internal link structure, meta tags and Url aliases were maintained) so that SEO juice of the website is maintained after migration to WordPress.
  • Around 600+ Blogs / Articles, and 900+ comments were migrated as part of content migration Category and Tags mapping had to be maintained and verified carefully.
  • Since the website was updated with new content daily, therefore an incremental content update process was setup to migrate articles and other content.
  • Visit the new website :