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Smooth Migration from Drupal to WordPress with Divi on Pantheon

Our client, a Drupal development firm, required their website to be migrated to WordPress, using Divi as the page builder and hosted on Pantheon. We efficiently assessed their existing Drupal site, developed a migration plan, and implemented Divi, ensuring an enhanced editing experience. The transition was smooth and timely, with comprehensive training provided to the content editors. The project concluded successfully with the site now optimally hosted on Pantheon, meeting all client requirements.

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Joomla to WordPress Migration for a Large-Scale Website

Our client from Austria needed their large 23,500-page website migrated from Joomla to WordPress, with a focus on better design and usability. We meticulously planned and executed the migration, ensuring a seamless transition with enhanced design and functionality. The project was completed efficiently, transforming the client's website into a more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing WordPress site, meeting all their requirements and earning their satisfaction.

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Umbraco 7 to WordPress Migration for Veryan Medical

Veryan Medical requested our services to migrate their 108-page website from Umbraco 7 to WordPress. We efficiently executed the migration, maintaining the site's content integrity and Google Analytics integration. The process was smooth and swift, resulting in a seamless transition to a more manageable WordPress platform. Veryan Medical expressed great satisfaction with the outcome and the improved ease of website management.

Migration to WordPress for a Finance and Trust Management Firm

A representative from a finance and trust management firm requested a migration of their website to WordPress, along with a cost estimate. We provided a clear cost breakdown, developed a tailored migration plan, and executed the transition efficiently. The project was completed on time and within budget, enhancing the site's performance and manageability on WordPress. The client was highly satisfied with the transparent pricing and the smooth migration process.

E-commerce Migration from Drupal to WordPress WooCommerce

Our client required a migration of e-commerce elements from three Drupal sites using Ubercart to a new WordPress site with WooCommerce. We provided a clear cost estimate and efficiently transferred customers, orders, coupons, and refunds, ensuring identical product setups on the new platform. The precise and timely migration met the client's needs perfectly, leading to their high satisfaction with the seamless transition and the effective replication of their e-commerce functionalities.

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Large University Website Migration from Drupal to WordPress

We efficiently migrated a large university's website from Drupal to WordPress, ensuring a smooth transition of content and functionalities. Our approach included careful planning, stakeholder collaboration, and advanced data transfer. The process, marked by minimal downtime, resulted in an improved WordPress site that was well-received for its enhanced user experience and navigation. The university administration expressed high satisfaction with the seamless migration and the updated site's functionality.

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