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Is your eCommerce platform limiting your growth? Are you ready to take your simple shopping platform to a higher level? In that case, you need to connect Wix to WooCommerce. With Woocommerce, you get to define your eCommerce roadmap and get complete access to store customization.

At CMSTOWP, we help you migrate your data from Wix to WooCommerce with utmost security. Our top-notch migration services transfer everything, including files, products, and customer data, to WooCommerce and ensure nothing is left behind.

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Our Guarantees

99% Smooth and Effortless Migration Process

Zero Downtime

100% SEO Retention

2 Months Performance Monitoring

96% Improved Speed & Performance

Save Upto 70% Off on Migration Cost

Over-the-top WooCommerce migration services


Product name, SKU, descriptions, status, custom fields.

Product Attributes

Product specifications, quality, tags, design, etc

Product Variants

Includes product options like color, barcode, size, weight, etc.

Custom Fields

Details that don’t fit your product descriptions.

Downloadable Products

Digital information— available in popular downloadable formats

Pricing/Inventory Rules

Get bulk inventory and price rules on existing data.

Strip Html Styling

Clean displayed data by stripping HTML tags.

SEO Settings

301 Redirects or Rewrite URLs to retain your organic traffic.

Content Pages

Page templates and information such as Contact Us, About Us, etc.

Other Images

Featured images on homepage, content page, etc. 


Review fields are part of the migration process. 


Entire order data containing status, products, and billing info.


Complete tax history of your old store setup.

Coupon Codes

Coupon name, discount code, and expiration date.

Item category Images

Images attached to each of your product category pages.


Entire customer information, including name, email, phone, address, etc

Customer Groups

Grouping customers with common/related data.


Manufacturer name and date linked to each product page.

Manufacturer Images

Manufacturer’s brand logos for easy filtering.

Success Story

My name is Beverly Hilton, I am a Product Manager for Macmillan in New York. We had an outdated Drupal website that started experiencing malware/spam issues. Upon receiving the direction to migrate the website to WordPress, I found CMStoWP.com when I Googled “Drupal to WordPress migrators”. Within twenty four hours, CMStoWP responded to my inquiry. After they evaluated the site, met with the business owners and submitted their proposal, we entered into an agreement to re-platform the website and migrate the data from Drupal to WordPress. My customer is very happy with the WordPress environment and the website CMStoWP delivered. Satisfied with their work, we entered into a one year maintenance/support agreement.

I would highly recommend CMStoWP, they are professional and responsive. Our project delivered on time and within budget.

Product Manager, Macmillan Library

Macmillan Publishers Ltd is an American-British publishing company traditionally considered to be one of the 'Big Five' English language publishers. They engaged CMStoWP initially for re-platforming their flagship - Macmillan Library website that presents all e-books in various categories on WordPress. After their first successful migration, the Childeren's Publishing group of Macmillan also engaged us to move other dozen websites from legay platforms like Django to WordPress.

  • In addition to a sharp focus on content migration & structural improvement, maintaining the SEO richness has been critical.
  • Enhancing user experience by making use of Javascript visuals/patterns to apply visual effects
  • Implementing short codes for displaying multiple books on a single page with multiple purchase options for each book

Why Migrate Wix to WooCommerce

There are a variety of added benefits to WooCommerce compared to Wix.

  • omplete control over your store
  • Supports 100+ payment gateways
  • Third-party integration is easy
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Access to unlimited products and bandwidth
  • Easily customizable with endless themes
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Assured 24/7 support

Why We are Unique

We are a leading eCommerce migration company, and our eCommerce migration services are tailored as per the client’s requirements. We work together with you to migrate Wix to WooCommerce platform. We also provide reverse migration, i.e., adding WooCoomerce to Wix.

Dedicated Project Managers

24/7 dedicated support team to resolve all your post-migration issues within 3-4 hours over Skype, Google, and Hangout.

Quality With Assurance

Our support team provides real-time updates and guidance before and after the migration process to keep you satisfied.

Industry-Specific Experience

A highly experienced team of professionals ensures that your migration process is completed at lightning-fast speed.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We deliver on our promises. No matter how complex the project is, we thrive on delivering it on time without compromising quality.

Assured Security

We integrate your eCommerce websites with advanced security plugins and SSL certificates to keep your data secured.

SEO-Friendly Websites

Advanced migration tools and strategies to retain your SEO URLs, meta tags, and ranking! We code your website as per the latest SEO trends to boost your store’s visibility.

Our Other WooCommerce Services

1. WooCommerce Store Setup & Development

Our WooCommerce website customization services add custom functionalities to give a premium look and feel to your eCommerce store and complement your business requirements.

2. Integration & Customization of WooCommerce Theme

We develop easy-to-integrate responsive themes that enhance your current functionalities and add a visual appeal to your store.
Our WooCommerce theme customization services add uniqueness to your eCommerce store to attract customers.

3. Integration of WooCommerce UX/UI Design

We create the perfect user interface and design to help you gain a competitive edge. The design is SEO and mobile-friendly with fast-loading web pages.
This increases user satisfaction and conversion rates.

4. PSD to WooCommerce Conversion

We are an expert in coding your WooCommerce theme, including slicing PSD into pieces and HTML5 and CSS3 conversions. By doing this, you’ll get a responsive WooCommerce integration and update your web pages without any external support.

5. Custom WooCommerce Plugins & Modules

Our highly customized WooCommerce plugins enhance the capabilities of your eCommerce website as per your needs. These plugins and modules are designed to provide an attractive and convenient feel to your WordPress eCommerce website from installation to configuration.

6. WooCommerce Shopping Cart & API Integration

We integrate your Woocommerce store with CRM and accounting software that gives your customers the ability to purchase and check out easily using different payment gateways. This enhances the customer’s shopping experience and provides you a seamless way to conduct your business.

7. WooCommerce Support & Maintenance Services

We guarantee a 100% uptime and perform frequent quality checks to resolve any identified bugs. We provide 24/7 support and maintenance to keep your WooCommerce store up and running.

Migrate Wix to WooCommerce and Enhance Your Store’s Functionality

Planning, Organizing, and Backup

Once your business requirements are documented, we backup the entire Wix eCommerce database and other configurations. This allows a hassle-free migration process.

Theme and Design Selection

We design stunning and customized eCommerce themes from scratch to attract your customer’s attention. These feature-rich themes enhance user experience, ultimately leading to high ROIs and conversion rates.

Prepare the SEO Plans

We plan your SEO retention, including meta tags and titles, before the migration process. We also ensure that the changed URLs are 301 redirects. This assures that your main product pages are accessible to the search engines and your SEO ranking is maintained.

Migrating Priority Data

After everything is set up, we migrate your entire eCommerce website’s data, including product attributes, customer data, and transaction history. We filter and organize the data to eliminate duplicate or mismatched information

In-depth Testing

We perform rigorous testing on your newly migrated website to ensure your domain, redirects, and security features are in order. Testing also allows us to identify and resolve bugs, if any.


After intensive testing and adjustments, your WooCommerce store is launched and presented to your audience. To keep everything in order, we frequently perform a maintenance check.

Get Quality WooCommerce Development Services To Fit Your Business Needs

Simple pricing

Choose the perfect plan for your business.


Small Startups - Professional store with premium woocommerce theme.
  • Complete store setup
  • Upto 50 Products migration
  • Installation of Premium woocommerce theme.
  • Home page with: a. Carousel Slider
    b. Featured Products/ Categories
    c. Best Sellers
  • Categories, Customers, Orders, Coupons, Reviews, Images migration
  • Domain migration
  • 100% Ownership and Control
  • 5 Day delivery










Mid-sized stores - Professional store with premium customized theme.
  • Complete store setup
  • Upto 500 Products migration
  • Installation of a Premium woocommerce theme.
  • Custom Home page design
  • Categories, Customers, Orders, Coupons, Reviews, Images and Blogs migration
  • SEO retention
  • 100% Ownership and Control
  • Plugins with high performance, SEO optimized WooCommerce theme to increase your sales:
    Social Proof
    Countdown timer
    Cross sell
    Optimise cart
    Direct to checkout
    Related product
    Product appsell
    Smart mega menu
    Free shipping
    Currency converter
    Exit discount
  • 8 Day delivery

Contact Us

Large organisations - Advanced store setup with custom design
Have a complex store?
Let our consultants help you in planning your online store tailor-made for you with enterprise
level features like :-
  • Multi-Store setup
  • External Integrations
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Accounting
  • Marketplace (Amazon, etc)
  • Multi-Vendor Marketplace








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Lina Morales"iSine is a custom semiconductor design firm specializing in mixed signal devices. Two years ago we had used Ebizon to convert our Drupal website to WordPress."

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"I am the owner of a subscription-based English language learning website, DailyStep English. The website needed to be upgraded on to a Learning Management System, and migrated from Drupal to WordPress"

Eileen Lawrence
"The team has been fantastic to work with from design, development to migration. Thank you for making the migration process easy."

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